Signing the contract for the task “The construction and upgrading of commune roads and agricultural transport road in the Trzydnik Duży Commune, stage 2”

Another project is ahead of us. On 22 May 2024, at the Trzydnik Duży Commune Office, a contract was signed for the task “The construction and upgrading of commune roads and agricultural transport road in the Trzydnik Duży Commune, stage 2.” The signatories were Mirosław Gucwa, Deputy President of Wod-Bud Sp. z o.o. and Krzysztof Serafin, Head of the Trzydnik Duży Commune, with the countersignature of the Commune Treasurer Ewelina Szwed, in the presence of Tomasz Mularczyk, Secretary of the Trzydnik Duży Commune. The contract will cover the following tasks:

  1. Renovation of commune road number 108593L Wola Trzydnicka – Agatówka
  2. Redevelopment of commune road number 108581L in Olbięcin
  3. Renovation of commune road number 108369L Wólka Olbięcka
  4. Redevelopment of commune road number 108613L in Rzeczyca Księża (Korea) to the railway track
  5. Redevelopment of commune road number 108613L in Rzeczyca Księża (Korea) next to the pond
  6. Commune road surface hardening with JOMB slabs in Łychów Szlachecki
  7. Placement of 300 tonnes of crushed-stone aggregate with a particle size of 0-31.5 mm in the area of the Trzydnik Duży Commune
  8. Delivery of equipment for the ongoing maintenance of commune road in the area of the Trzydnik Duży Commune

The project is to be co-funded with the Polish Order Fund Government Programme. The total value of the project is PLN 7,395,848.69 gross.

Signing a contract for the reconstruction of district road No. 2644L Bliskowice–Księżomierz

On 4 April 2024, WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o. entered into a contract for the completion of the task “Redevelopment of district road No. 2644L Bliskowice–Księżomierz.”

The contract was signed on behalf of the company by Deputy President of the Management Board Mirosław Gucwa, and the Kraśnik District was represented by the Kraśnik District Governor Paweł Kudrel, Deputy Kraśnik District Governor Andrzej Misztal, with the countersignature of the District Treasurer Iwona Szymańska.

The project will be carried out with money from the Government Road Development Fund which will cover 60% of eligible costs of the task undertaken by the Kraśnik District. An over 5-kilometre section of the road will be completely redeveloped.

The range of works includes: preparatory and dismantling works, earthworks, drainage, bedding, surfacing works, signposting, finishing works and street furniture.


Wod-bud supports the Lublin speedway club Orlen Oil Motor Lublin!

We are proud to announce that, in the 2024 season, Wod-bud will be supporting the Lublin speedway club, Orlen Oil Motor Lublin!

Speedway is not just a sport. It is passion, determination and hard work. For us, supporting the “black sport” means honouring the values it represents – perseverance and the common pursuit of the set objective, with full commitment and unconditional support of the entire team. The success of the Lublin team is not only the medals won but, first and foremost, investing in people, improving their teamwork and shaping hard characters by using the substantive experience gathered. The Lublin speedway is also an example of building strong social ties, resulting in the unparalleled cheering of the supporters of Motor Lublin.

It is a great honour for us to be part of this remarkable journey and to support our speedway riders in their quest to achieve new records.

Motor 💛, 🤍, 💙, ❤️Winning together!”

Contract for the construction and upgrading of road infrastructure in Tarnobrzeg

On 20 March 2024, together with other contractors, we signed a contract for the project “The construction and upgrading of road infrastructure in Tarnobrzeg.”

The investor was represented by the Mayor of Tarnobrzeg Dariusz Bożek, Head of the Technical & Investment and Road Construction Department Barbara Trzeciak and Agnieszka Straburzyńska from the Public Procurement Office of the Town Hall. WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o. was represented by Deputy President of the company Mirosław Gucwa and Managing Director Robert Ślusarz.

We are excited that together with other contractors we will be implementing this extensive project consisting of as many as 13 tasks, thanks to which 15 streets in Tarnobrzeg will be upgraded. The project value is almost PLN 30 million, and part of its was covered from the funds of the 2nd edition of the “Polski Ład” Government Fund – the Strategic Investment Programme.

WOD-BUD will carry out the following tasks:

Task No. 2: Road redevelopment on Czereśniowa and Wyspiańskiego streets:

  1. a) Redevelopment of internal road – side street of Czereśniowa Street in the Podłęże housing estate in Tarnobrzeg,
  2. b) Redevelopment of internal road from Wyspiańskiego Street to Tracza Street and building new parking spaces by Primary School No. 4 in Tarnobrzeg.

Task No. 6: Redevelopment of Sobowska Street in Tarnobrzeg: building a pavement and drainage.

Task No. 8: Redevelopment of commune road on 12 Października Steeet in Tarnobrzeg.

29th TFL MMA Gala in Kraśnik

It was our great pleasure to act as a sponsor of the 29th TFL MMA Gala, which took place on 24 February in Kraśnik, our hometown. This magnificent sporting event attracted crowds of fans to the sports hall of Primary School No. 2. We would like to once again congratulate all fighters participating in the Gala on their performance, and Jacek Sarna on the impressive level of the event’s preparation. This was an extremely exciting evening in Kraśnik, and we are glad that we could participate in the great Gala. 🤼



On 15 January 2024, we also signed a contract with the District Roads Authority in Bełżyce for the implementation of an investment project entitled ”Extension of district road No. 2301L in Krzczonów Pierwszy and Krzczonów Trzeci, situated in the Krzczonów Commune“. The contract was signed by Mirosław Gucwa, Vice President of the Management Board of WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o., and Bożena Pajduszewska, Director of the District Roads Authority in Lublin, with its branch office in Bełżyce.

The investment will cover works in the following fields: road works, tele-technical works including the construction of a technological duct, and reconstruction of colliding telecommunications, electrical and sanitary networks. As the Contractor, we are obliged to complete the investment works within 47 weeks, i.e., from 03.06.2024 to 28.04.2025. Value of the investment works: PLN 14,850,522.62 gross.

We are looking forward to commencing the investment works and would like to thank the entire team for their commitment and professionalism that have contributed to this success.  We would like to thank the District Roads Authority, branch office in Bełżyce, for their trust and the opportunity to work together. We are hoping for a long-lasting business relationship.

Another contract in Opole Lubelskie

We are pleased to announce that we will be implementing another investment for our Key Client in Opole Lubelskie.

On 15 January 2024, Vice President Mirosław Gucwa, acting on behalf of WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o., signed a contract with the Opole Lubelskie Commune, represented by Mayor Sławomir Plis.

The upcoming investment will cover reconstructing Ks. Ściegiennego Street, i.e., constructing a water supply and sanitary network with connections, and a rainwater drainage network, as well as laying a new asphalt surface and reconstructing pavements.

The investment will be implemented using the resources from the Polish Order Fund ‒ Government’s Programme for Strategic Investment, and will take 14 months to complete.

Once implemented, the investment will significantly improve the living standard in Opole Lubelskie.