Wod-bud supports the Lublin speedway club Orlen Oil Motor Lublin!


We are proud to announce that, in the 2024 season, Wod-bud will be supporting the Lublin speedway club, Orlen Oil Motor Lublin!

Speedway is not just a sport. It is passion, determination and hard work. For us, supporting the “black sport” means honouring the values it represents – perseverance and the common pursuit of the set objective, with full commitment and unconditional support of the entire team. The success of the Lublin team is not only the medals won but, first and foremost, investing in people, improving their teamwork and shaping hard characters by using the substantive experience gathered. The Lublin speedway is also an example of building strong social ties, resulting in the unparalleled cheering of the supporters of Motor Lublin.

It is a great honour for us to be part of this remarkable journey and to support our speedway riders in their quest to achieve new records.

Motor 💛, 🤍, 💙, ❤️Winning together!”

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