Bitumen production plant

Bitumen production plant

In 2014 WOD-BUD Ltd launched its own Bitumen Mixing Plant located on ul. Graniczna in Kraśnik. Thanks to this project, WOD-BUD Ltd has enriched its offer with bituminous-mass sales and the carrying out of extensive road works, realised in the field of both public procurement and for private customers.

The asphalt mixes offered by WOD-BUD Ltd meet the requirements of European standards concerning construction products. The Factory Production Control System complying with the PN-EN 13108-21 norm entitles WOD-BUD to mark the products with the CE mark, which guarantees the high quality of the bituminous masses produced by WOD-BUD Ltd.

Modern technology, high quality of products and efficient customer service are ensured by qualified staff of the bitumen mixing plant and a fully automatised mass-components supply system guarantees high product repeatability and compliance with the specified formula.

The WOD-BUD Ltd Bitumen Mixing Plant offers asphalt mixes designed for all road surfaces:
– asphalt concrete (AC) – a mineral-asphalt mix used for road foundations, binder and wearing course;
– stone mastic asphalt (SMA) – a mineral-asphalt mix used for the wearing course of the road surface.

Pricing is personalised for each order.

One of the main objectives of WOD-BUD Ltd is innovative development in the field of production, the retailing and distribution of asphalt products that meet the required quality standards, that is environmentally friendly, and ensures complete customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement and utilisation of employee potential.