Special fire truck in the duty of Wod-Bud


We are happy to announce that on 10 May 2021 WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o. purchased JELCZ 004, a special fire truck, from OSP Gościeradów. The truck was manufactured in 1991. The capacity of its tank is 6,000 litres. For the first 20 years, it served at the State Fire Service (PSP) in Kraśnik, and for the last 10 years at the Volunteer Fire Department (OSP) in Gościeradów. In WOD-BUD, the truck will be used by our Logistics department to support road construction, including stabilisation, sprinkling the aggregate with water prior to its compaction, and as a tank for refilling water during the milling of asphalt surfaces. We hope our new “Jelonek” will serve another 30 years in good running order.

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