Invitation to tender No. 2



In  relation to the project entitled “The implementation at WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o. of the purchased R&D work results aimed at improving competitiveness in the field of road engineering” implemented as part of Priority axis 3 “Enterprise competitiveness”, Measure  3.7 “Increasing SME competitiveness” of the Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie Voivodeship 2014-2020, you are kindly invited to submit bids for:  

Part I The supply of an asphalt paver, 1 pc.

Part II The supply of a small steel wheel roller with an aggregate spreader, 1 set

Part III The supply of a large steel wheel roller with an aggregate spreader, 1 set

Part IV  The supply of a bitumen emulsion sprayer, 1 pc.

Part V The supply of a bitumen foaming device, 1 set

Part VI The supply of a mini loader with a road milling machine, 1 set

Part VII The supply of an automatic bitumen extractor with a set of accessories, 1 set

Please submit a technical specification of the proposed equipment, with particular attention to all the elements indicated in the terms of reference.

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